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Pool Safety Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions of Summerfield Pool Safety.

A mesh pool fence acts as a protective barrier encircling a pool or spa, effectively barring children and pets from entering the pool unsupervised. Our fencing exceeds the benchmarks set by ASTM and is crafted from robust mesh material, providing both durability and transparency. This see-through design ensures clear visibility of the pool area while maintaining security.

A pool safety cover serves as a crucial safeguard for pools, providing protection against accidental submersion and ensuring the safety of children, pets, and unsuspecting individuals. By securely covering the pool’s surface, it prevents access and reduces the risk of drowning incidents, especially when the pool is not in use or during maintenance periods. Additionally, pool safety covers help to maintain water cleanliness by shielding it from debris and preventing evaporation, thus promoting a safer and more hygienic swimming environment.

A typical installation of a mesh pool fence or cover involves creating small perforations in the concrete or pool deck surface surrounding the pool area. These perforations accommodate non-conductive sleeves, ensuring stability. Subsequently, the fence is inserted into these sleeves to optimize functionality. Mesh panels are affixed to fence posts using tension clips, ensuring a snug and reliable connection. Our specially designed mesh incorporates UV inhibitors to shield against the harsh Southern California sun, enhancing durability and longevity. We can install into concrete, pavers, brick, grass, dirt, and even would

While the fences tend to be a little bit more cost-effective, the average range is about $1500-$3500. The safety covers are most likely custom and range anywhere from about $2000 to upwards of about $4500.

Both removable mesh pool fencing and safety pool covers are designed with convenience and ease of use in mind, allowing for quick removal when needed.

Removable mesh pool fencing typically features sections that can be easily unlatched from one another, enabling homeowners to remove or reinstall specific segments as required. Additionally, the fence posts can be detached from their sleeves in the pool deck, providing straightforward access to the pool area. With minimal effort, homeowners can quickly dismantle the fence to allow for unrestricted access to the pool or for maintenance purposes.

Similarly, safety pool covers are equipped with mechanisms that facilitate swift removal. These covers often incorporate spring-loaded straps or anchors attached to the pool deck. By releasing these straps or anchors, homeowners can rapidly remove the cover and expose the pool surface. Some safety covers also feature motorized systems, allowing for effortless removal with the push of a button.

In both cases, the ease and speed of removal ensure that homeowners can efficiently transition between using the pool and maintaining its safety measures, without encountering unnecessary hassle or delay.

Summerfield pool safety covers Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles County, ensuring comprehensive safety measures across a wide geographical area. Each county and municipality has different requirements per code. Contact us for our expert assessment.

Well, we do require a small deposit to book the day of her installation, we do accept cash, checks, Zell, and credit cards. We also provide discounts for all active service, military members, and law-enforcement/firefighters. We accept payment in full once you, the customer, are completely satisfied with the installation of your fence or cover.