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Pool Safety Fences

At Summerfield Pool Safety we apply a straightforward and uncomplicated approach to pool safety fences, giving customers the peace of mind they deserve in a busy Southern California lifestyle. Summerfield Pool Safety supplies only the strongest materials for a reliable, long-lasting pool fence that provides protection with little to no maintenance. We are one of the only companies that use LARR-approved materials, with an up-to-date certificate.

We are one of the only companies whose products are city, state, and county approved, furthermore, Summerfield Pool Safety guarantees a LIFETIME WARRANTY for its pool fences against any defects, parts, and installation. Our experience consists of over 20 years of service and thousands of pool safety fences installed statewide.

We not only guarantee that our professional installers will install the pool safety fence correctly and in a timely manner, but also thoroughly clean up after installation has been completed. We are a reliable and retable company who have employees who are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our specially designed pool safety fences can follow almost any pool shape or silhouette. Fencing may be installed on many different surfaces including patios, lawns, wood decks, and even dirt. Best of all, Summerfield Pool Safety fence enables a clear view of your pool and spa that can add flexibility and variation to match your backyard and your decor.

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See-Thru Mesh Swimming Pool Fences

Summerfield Pool Safety Proudly provides its customers with only the best American-made products. We are one of the only companies that uses LARR-approved materials.

Our pool safety fences come in one of two different types of materials: both are made to last long and endure the natural elements. Available in either a durable Premium Interlocking Mesh (Ultra) or Standard Pet Mesh.

Our “Ultra” interlocking mesh is top-of-the-line and is the strongest mesh available in the market. This mesh is stronger and even more transparent than our standard mesh which allows you to clearly see through to your pool. Our Ultra interlocking mesh pool fence comes in colors Tan, Gray, Brown, and Black.

Our “Standard” mesh Textilene Industrial Mesh is best used for pet fencing. (Helps with protection against dogs scratching at the fence.)

Self-Closing Gate

Our self-closing gate works in tandem with the fence. When the fence is installed and pulled tautly, the gate is secured in place. There is no frame around the gate itself so there is no threshold to step over when entering the pool.

Our self-closing gate uses a magnetic friction-free self-latching system. It includes a 2 key lock, along with self-closing hinges. An angled safety cap is provided on the bottom to prevent it from being used as a step.

Stability Engineered Corner Posts

Most companies use a 2-pole system to create a turn that is 45 degrees or beyond in your fence. This force may result in your fence bowing. Summerfield Pool Safety exclusive corner posts are engineered to make turns 45 degrees, and beyond. The corner posts allow your fence to maintain tension around a corner without the poles bowing while also minimizing the number of holes in your deck and property.

Angled Raised Protection Panels

A safety concern when installing fencing over a planter or retaining wall is preventing a child from going on top of the wall or planter and swinging around the lower part of the fence. Summerfield Pool Safety is the only company that offers Angled Raised Protection Panels and poles that go up to 8 feet to block these areas correctly. Using Angled Raised Protection Panels, raise your fence to the proper height. These panels also offer a more attractive look while securing the area better than any other product in the pool fence company. See gallery site link.

Free Standing Terminating Posts

Mesh pool fences need to attach to something strong enough to hold the tension of the entire fence line. When a pool fence stops at a block wall or a solid wall of a house, a normal wall attachment will work. When a fence stops at glass, vinyl, wood, or wrought iron fence, or anywhere that a wall attachment cannot be used, a new solution is necessary. Summerfield Pool Safety possesses engineered two poles to securely terminate anywhere needed. Rectangular Terminating Posts are used for concrete or pavers. Round Terminating Posts are used in dirt or grass. See gallery site link.

Side Panel & Piggyback Gap Fillers

Side Panel and Piggybacks are another Summerfield Pool Safety exclusive component developed to solve a common problem with removable mesh fences, and how to fill awkward gaps left when a fence is installed. Mesh fences are tensioned systems. What they are anchored to is essential for the proper function and safety of the fence. When the fence has ended somewhere that does not have the proper space, or room to drill, or pour a concrete footing, a gap is created. That gap can allow access for a small pet/child and would also make the installation not compliant with ASTM standards. These side panels and piggybacks help fill that gap. When a fence is stopped at a BBQ with a ledge or a window with decorative framing, side panels and piggybacks can be used to close the space that is left. See gallery site link.

Pool Fence Sleeves

Each Summerfield Pool Safety mesh pool fence comes with our custom-designed, high-impact, non-conductive pool fence sleeves. Our sleeves have been tested to meet the requirements of the national electric code and will not corrode. The colors include sand or grey.

Matching Deck Caps

Summerfield Pool Safety swimming pool fences also come with matching deck caps that can be inserted into the pool fence sleeves when you are no longer using your pool fence. Deck caps come in beige, white, or gray.

Child-Proof Safety Latches

Summerfield Pool Safety pool fence utilizes our special stainless steel safety latches which do not rust or corrode and are capable of lasting under any condition.

Additional Features Available

We recommend to most of our customers, a standard height of 4 ft tall (48 inches) to not have an obstructed view. For our customers who are looking to pass a code and need to be ASTMF 2286 compliant, we require 5 ft tall (60 inches) along with a mandatory self-closing gate. Both materials are placed with a post every 3 ft (36 inches) for added strength. Every 15-foot section can be easily removed within minutes so homeowners can enjoy their pool and spas. Again, we are one of the only companies that use LARR-approved materials with an up-to-date certificate.

Although our fences are designed for convenience, we strongly urge owners to take extreme caution when removing their pool fences. Pool fences should never be removed in the presence of small children. Pool fences are never an adequate substitute for adult supervision. It is always best if you supervise your pool when children are present, our fence should only act as an added precaution not as a solution.

Meeting the Expectations of Pool Owners with Removable Pool Fences

The idea of having a pool safety fence may come with mixed feelings. Our most common remark from customers after our pool fence installer is done with the installation is,” that looks better than I thought it would look”. It might sound quite simple, but the way we have maintained the standard of excellence makes people seek our services for removable pool fences.

Materials Used in Construction Help Greatly with their Portability

Durability is the most important requirement, and we provide this by using high-quality materials, with interlocking and interwoven fibers to withstand climate changes, they are extremely transparent while maintaining strength, so the beauty of the pool is not obstructed.

A Summerfield Pool Safety, removable pool fence fully satisfies all expectations from all aspects of a pool safety fence. These fences are in high demand because they satisfy local ordinances and laws. They are non-obtrusive, so most Homeowner Associations allow them. All the parts used are durable and lightweight.

With our Summerfield Pool Safety fence installed, parents can have another safety precaution when kids and pets are near the pool in the backyard but also can enjoy the view of their pool and spa. It’s that simple and easy.

ASTMF2286 Pool Safety Fence

The Summerfield Pool Safety Fence stands as a testament to meticulous engineering and dedication to safety, meeting California codes and ASTMF2286 standards with its 5 ft tall design. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this fence serves as a robust barrier, effectively preventing unauthorized access to the pool area in accordance with California regulations. Its height is specifically tailored to meet the required standards, providing an effective deterrent against accidental entry and ensuring compliance with state laws.

Furthermore, the Summerfield Pool Safety Fence goes beyond mere compliance, incorporating features that enhance its effectiveness in meeting ASTMF2286 standards. With self-closing and self-latching gates, the fence minimizes the risk of unauthorized entry, particularly by young children or pets. Additionally, its design is engineered to reduce the likelihood of entrapment or climbing, thus bolstering its safety credentials. By adhering to rigorous testing protocols outlined by ASTMF2286, this fence demonstrates its ability to withstand environmental factors and potential stressors, making it a trusted choice for pool safety in California.

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