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Pool Safety Fences

Our simple and non-complicated approach to pool safety fences gives customers the peace of mind they deserve in a busy Southern California lifestyle. Pool Guard supplies only the strongest materials for a reliable, long-lasting pool fence that provides protection with little to no maintenance.

Pool Guard guarantees a LIFETIME WARRANTY for its pool fences against any manufacturer’s defects, parts, and/or installation. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of pool safety fences installed nationwide, we guarantee that our professional installers will not only install the pool fence correctly but also thoroughly clean up the area after the installation is complete.

Our specially designed pool safety fences can follow just about any pool shape or contour, and can even be installed on patios, lawns, wood decks, and even dirt. Best of all, the Pool Guard safety fence enables a clear view of your pool/spa that can add versatility and variety to match your backyard and decor.


See-Thru Mesh Swimming Pool Fences
Pool Guard provides its customers with only the best American-made products. Our pool safety fences come in one of two different materials; both are made to last long and endure. Available in either a durable Textilene mesh or the Premium Interlocking mesh, each swimming pool fence can be customized to suit your backyard needs.

Our “premium” Interlocking mesh is the strongest mesh available on the market. This mesh is 30% stronger and even more transparent than our standard mesh which allows you to clearly see through to your pool. Our Premium interlocking mesh pool fence comes in black, desert bronze (brown), sand, grey, and forest green. Variations of colors may be special ordered.

Our “standard” mesh, Textilene Industrial Mesh only comes in black and is best used for pet fencing (helps for protection against dogs scratching at the fence).

Pool Guard of LA - Tension Gate
Tension Gate
Pool Guard of LA - Framed Gate
Framed Gate

Self-Closing Standard Gate:
Our standard gate is a stand-alone framed gate and is hands down the SAFEST and STRONGEST gate on the market. The frame around the gate makes it the safest choice because it does not rely on tension to open and close properly. It is the strongest type of gate that should be installed in pavers, sandstone, dirt, and grass. This standard gate is the easiest for our customers to remove and set back up.

Self-Closing Tension Gate:
Our tension gate works in tandem with the fence. When the fence is installed and pulled taut, the gate is secured in place. There is no frame around the gate itself so there is no threshold to step over when entering the pool. One drawback to this type of gate, is over time, due to natural elements, the fencing may loosen and the gate will not line up for proper latching of the lock.

Quad-Core Pool Fence Poles
Each Pool Guard swimming pool fence uses a standard Quad-Core Pool Fence Pole, which is engineered to provide maximum strength. Each pole is spaced 36″ apart on each section and comes in an aluminum finish, black, white, bronze, sand, grey, and forest green.

Pool Fence Sleeves
Each Pool Guard mesh pool fence comes with our custom-designed, high-impact, non-conductive pool fence sleeves. Our sleeves have been tested to meet the requirements of the national electric code and will not corrode. Colors include sand, white, or grey.

Matching Deck Caps
The Pool Guard swimming pool fences also come with matching deck caps that can be inserted into the pool fence sleeves when you are no longer using your pool fence. Deck caps come in beige, white, or gray.

Child-Proof Safety Latches
The Pool Guard pool fence utilizes our special stainless steel safety latches which do not rust or corrode and are capable of lasting under any condition.

Additional Features Available

With our standard height of 4 ft tall (48 inches), we recommend to most of our customers this height so as to not have an obstructive view. For our customers who are looking to passcode and need to be ASTMF 2286 compliant, we recommend 5 ft tall (60 inches) with a mandatory self-closing gate. Both materials are placed with a post every 36 inches (3 feet), for added strength. However, we can easily special order any height or width of the fence, depending on the application. Each 15-foot section can be easily removed within minutes so homeowners can enjoy their pool and spas.

Although our fences are designed for convenience, we urge owners to take caution when removing their pool fences. Pool fences should never be removed in the presence of small children, and pool fences are never an adequate substitute for adult supervision. It is always best if you supervise your pool when children are present; our fence should only act as a buffer, not as a solution.

Meeting the Expectations of Pool Owners with Removable Pool Fences
Whenever people are thinking about adding safety features to their swimming pool areas, the idea of having a pool safety fence may come with mixed feelings. The most common remark from customers, once our pool fence installer is done with the installation, is “that looks a lot better than I thought it would look”. It might sound quite simple, but the manner in which we have maintained the standard of excellence makes people seek our services for removable pool fences.

Materials Used in Construction Help Greatly with Their Portability
Construction of the removable pool fences is done in a way that meets the expectations of our customers. Durability is one of the important requirements and we provide that by having high-quality materials. With interlocking and interwoven fibers to withstand climate changes, they are extremely transparent while maintaining strength, so that the beauty of the pool is not obstructed.

A Pool Guard removable pool fence fulfills expectations from every aspect of a pool safety fence. These fences are in high demand because they satisfy local ordinances and laws. They are non-obtrusive so most Home Owners Associations allow them. All of the parts used in these fences are lightweight but durable. Click here to learn more about our fence re-installation of used pool fences.

With our Pool Guard fencing installed, parents won’t have to worry about their children and pets near the pool in the backyard. It’s that simple and easy!

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