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Summerfield Pool Safety - Ontario Pool Fence Installation

Ontario Pool Fence Installation

Summerfield Pool Safety offers top-notch Ontario pool fence installation services, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality for your backyard retreat. Employing a straightforward approach to pool safety, Summerfield Pool Safety utilizes the strongest ASTM-F-approved materials to create durable, low-maintenance pool fences that enhance various backyard aesthetics. Backed by a comprehensive LIFETIME WARRANTY covering defects, parts, and installation, our expertise spans over two decades with numerous installations across Southern California.

Homeowners in Ontario, CA, can depend on Summerfield Pool Safety’s professional pool fence installation services for meticulous installation and cleanup. Our licensed, bonded, and insured team excels in installing fences on diverse surfaces—patios, lawns, wood decks, and more—tailored to fit nearly any pool shape. Featuring robust “Ultra” interlocking mesh and durable “Standard” pet mesh options, our fences provide both strength and aesthetic appeal while meeting all city, state, and county regulations.

Innovative features like self-closing gates with magnetic self-latching systems and engineered stability corner posts enhance safety and convenience. Optional enhancements such as angled raised protection panels, free-standing terminating posts, and child-proof safety latches further fortify your pool area. Designed for easy removal, our fences allow unobstructed views while maintaining rigorous safety standards. With Summerfield Pool Safety, Ontario residents can trust their pool area is secure for children and pets, preserving the beauty and functionality of their outdoor space.

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For Over 20 Years, We Have Provided Customers in Ontario, CA, Quality Pool Fence Installations and Are The #1 Trusted Source in Ontario for Pool Fences.

Reasons to Choose Summerfield Pool Safety for Ontario Pool Fence Installation

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

At Summerfield Pool Safety, we prioritize professionalism and accountability by maintaining full licensure, bonding, and insurance coverage. This commitment ensures that every installation and service we provide meets rigorous industry standards for safety and reliability. Homeowners can trust that our team operates with the utmost integrity and responsibility, offering peace of mind throughout the entire process of selecting and installing a pool safety fence. Our licensure guarantees that we operate legally and ethically, adhering to all state and local regulations. 

Professional Employees Only

At Summerfield Pool Safety, we ensure that all installations are carried out by our team of highly skilled, licensed, bonded, and insured professionals. With over 30 years of combined installation experience, our technicians are experts in overcoming any challenge with precision and attention to detail. We meticulously screen and train our employees to uphold the highest standards of security and professionalism, ensuring your pool safety fence is installed correctly and efficiently. Our commitment to hiring only the best professionals guarantees a smooth, hassle-free experience and superior service for our customers.

City, State, & County Approved

Summerfield Pool Safety is proud to offer pool safety fences that are city, state, and county-approved, meeting the rigorous standards set by California regulations and ASTMF2286. Our fences are designed to comply with local ordinances and laws, ensuring they are a compliant and reliable choice for pool safety. Featuring self-closing and self-latching gates, our fences minimize the risk of unauthorized entry and enhance overall safety. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of installations statewide, we guarantee that our products not only meet but exceed safety requirements, providing peace of mind for homeowners across Southern California.

We Provide Our Customers in Ontario, CA, Quality Pool Fences

Frequently Asked Questions About Ontario Pool Fences

A Ontario mesh pool fence acts as a protective barrier encircling a pool or spa, effectively barring children and pets from entering the pool unsupervised. Our fencing exceeds the benchmarks set by ASTM and is crafted from robust mesh material, providing both durability and transparency. This see-through design ensures clear visibility of the pool area while maintaining security.

A typical installation of a Ontario mesh pool fence or cover involves creating small perforations in the concrete or pool deck surface surrounding the pool area. These perforations accommodate non-conductive sleeves, ensuring stability. Subsequently, the fence is inserted into these sleeves to optimize functionality. Mesh panels are affixed to fence posts using tension clips, ensuring a snug and reliable connection. Our specially designed mesh incorporates UV inhibitors to shield against the harsh Southern California sun, enhancing durability and longevity. We can install into concrete, pavers, brick, grass, dirt, and even wood.

Both removable Ontario mesh pool fencing and Ontario safety pool covers are designed with convenience and ease of use in mind, allowing for quick removal when needed.

Removable mesh pool fencing typically features sections that can be easily unlatched from one another, enabling homeowners to remove or reinstall specific segments as required. Additionally, the fence posts can be detached from their sleeves in the pool deck, providing straightforward access to the pool area. With minimal effort, homeowners can quickly dismantle the fence to allow for unrestricted access to the pool or for maintenance purposes.

Similarly, Ontario safety pool covers are equipped with mechanisms that facilitate swift removal. These covers often incorporate spring-loaded straps or anchors attached to the pool deck. By releasing these straps or anchors, homeowners can rapidly remove the cover and expose the pool surface. Some safety covers also feature motorized systems, allowing for effortless removal with the push of a button.

In both cases, the ease and speed of removal ensure that homeowners can efficiently transition between using the pool and maintaining its safety measures, without encountering unnecessary hassle or delay.

The San Bernardino and Riverside Department of Building & Safety grants approval to materials or products that meet or exceed the standards outlined in the building code regarding quality, fire resistance, strength, durability, and safety. These approved materials are documented as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Consult your nearby building authority. Homes within or outside of San Bernardino or Riverside counties may necessitate the installation of an ASTM-F-approved product. Various cities and situations may have differing regulations. Summerfield Pool Safety Fences consistently advises verifying with your local municipal offices before proceeding with any installation to ascertain if any code compliance is obligatory. These regulations can vary or may not exist in certain cases. With a permit issued for a brand new pool, build, or a remodel of an existing pool, the cities within San Bernardino and Riverside counties usually require an ASTM-F fence.

Types of Ontario Pool Fence Installations We Provide

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