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LARR Approved Pool Fences

Summerfield Pool Safety - LARR FenceSummerfield Pool Safety has received approval from the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County LARR!

Are you situated in or near the City of Los Angeles or Los Angeles County and seeking the installation of a Pool Fence approved by the Los Angeles Research Report (LARR)? No need to fret! Summerfield Pool Safety Fencing is endorsed for Pool Fence installations by both the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles!

Only a limited number of local Pool Safety companies have successfully navigated the rigorous approval process with the City of Los Angeles and City of Los Angeles Building and Safety to secure a Research Report.

To ensure adherence to these standards, your pool fence must be installed directly by Summerfield Pool Safety and meet both LARR and ASTM standards. Reach out to Summerfield Pool Safety fences today to schedule your on-site estimate and ascertain your installation requirements!

LARR Frequently Asked Questions

What does LARR mean?

The Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety grants approval to materials or products that meet or exceed the standards outlined in the building code regarding quality, fire resistance, strength, durability, and safety. These approved materials are documented as Los Angeles Research Reports (LARR).

Consult your nearby building authority. Homes within or outside of Los Angeles City or Los Angeles County may necessitate the installation of an LARR-approved product. Various cities and situations may have differing regulations. Summerfield Pool Safety Fences consistently advises verifying with your local municipal offices before proceeding with any installation to ascertain if any code compliance is obligatory. These regulations can vary or may not exist in certain cases. With a permit issued for a brand new pool, build, or a remodel of an existing pool, the city of Los Angeles and the county of Los Angeles usually requires an LARR fence.

Yes, there is a small upcharge to permanently anchor the fence to the ground, and in most cases, we can go into all different surfaces (concrete, grass, wood, or dirt). In general, a fence installation approved by LARR will closely resemble our standard fence installations. Nevertheless, there is an additional installation step mandated. The City of Los Angeles stipulates that your fence must be permanently installed, indicating that the removable section of the fence must be affixed permanently and cannot be detached.