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Pool Fence Installation

Welcome to Summerfield Pool Safety, your premier destination for expert pool fence installations. Our meticulous process ensures the safety and aesthetic appeal of your backyard oasis. From the initial home evaluation to the final cleanup and inspection, we are committed to delivering excellence every step of the way.

At Summerfield Pool Safety, we understand that the safety of your loved ones is paramount. Our skilled team conducts complimentary evaluations right in your home, tailoring design possibilities to suit your individual backyard. Whether you have concrete decking, pavers, soil, turf, or wooden decks, our adaptable mesh fencing can be installed seamlessly.

Choose Summerfield Pool Safety for expert pool fence installations that combine functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve for years to come.

Step 1: Home Evaluation

At Summerfield Pool Safety, we're delighted to provide complimentary evaluations right in your home. Our skilled team members will come to your property, assess the area, and tailor design possibilities to suit your individual backyard. During the initial evaluation, we'll meticulously measure the fence layout. We'll then strategize the installation depending on the chosen material. Given the adaptability of mesh fencing, we can install it on various surfaces like concrete decking, pavers, soil, turf, and wooden decks. Once measurements are taken, we'll present our assortment of samples and address any inquiries regarding the installation procedure.

Step 2: Installation Day & Final Measurements

On the day of installation, our team will conduct a final review of the layout to ensure everything meets your expectations. We'll commence by establishing the initial point of your pool fence layout. It's advisable to begin at the gate entry and extend outward, maintaining a minimum distance of 22-36 inches from the pool's edge. Measurements will progress until the entire fence layout is delineated. Our team will identify specific custom-cut sections and mark any 90-degree turns as needed.

Step 3: Core Drilling for Pool Fence Installation

Most installations of Mesh Pool Fences in California involve concrete core drilling. This technique employs a high-speed core drill equipped with water cooling and diamond-tipped bits. Before commencing drilling, it's crucial to grasp the correct angles and alignment levels required for creating these holes. Our hired experienced team boasts years of expertise in core drilling, ensuring the necessary steps are taken to ensure both safety and visual appeal of your fence.

Step 4: Installing Into Dirt or Gravel

Embedding concrete footings into dirt for mesh pool fencing involves excavating holes at specified intervals along the fence line. Once the holes are dug, concrete is poured into them to create sturdy foundations for the fence posts. This ensures stability and durability, anchoring the mesh fencing securely in place to safeguard the pool area effectively.

Step 5: Installing Deck Sleeves & Fence Setup

After completing the drilling and clearing of holes, the next step involves inserting plastic deck sleeves. These sleeves provide additional support for the fence posts and meet electrical code standards as they are non-conductive. This is achieved by gently placing them into the holes and using a mallet or sand hammer to tap them until they sit level with the ground. Following this, the fence is positioned into the holes, with customized sections fitting into their designated spots.

Step 6: Securing the Fence & Gate

After positioning the fence and gate in the holes, we proceed to install our stainless steel locking eye latches. These latches provide crucial tension every fifteen feet, ensuring the fence is securely fastened. Once the entire fence, including the gate, is tensioned and aligned, we add the Magna Latch lock and key system. Our team meticulously adjusts the self-closing hinge to ensure swift closure.

Step 7: Final Cleanup & Inspection

With the installation process concluded, it's crucial to rinse off the deck thoroughly to remove any concrete residue. Once the cleanup is finished, a team member will inform the homeowner of the installation's completion. We take pride in conducting a comprehensive walkthrough and demonstration of the fence, covering topics such as disassembly, routine maintenance, storage procedures, and addressing any inquiries. Our commitment is to ensure 100% satisfaction with every installation, prioritizing customer happiness before final payment is received.

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