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Fun Pool Games

We love keeping the kids entertained in the pool with fun pool games.  Here are some of our favorites:


Marco Polo
This game is named after the Venetian explorer from the 1300’s because he didn’t know where hewas heading when he first set out on his exploration.  Every kid and their parents know this famous pool game.  One kid closes his eyes and calls out Marco.  The other kids respond with ‘Pollo’.  Marco searches the pool (eyes closed) to find all of the pollos.

Atomic Whirlpool
The kids are always fascinated by this game.  Everyone joins hands in a circle.  Start walking in a circle slowly and gradually start moving faster.  The faster the you go the bigger the whirlpool!

Dolphin Races
Get your little dolphins in the pool and ready to race.  Start at one end of the pool and see who can swim underwater the farthest.

Treasure Hunt
What kid doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?  Toss a few coins in the pool and let the kids bring out their inner pirate and collect all that treasure!

Remember to always watch over children in the pool, and never leave them unattended.

Happy Swimming!

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