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ISR Self Rescue Technique

The ISR (INFANT SWIMMING RESOURCE) is a survival technique designed for children 6 months to 6 years.  The foundation of the program teaches children life saving skills for survival.  Children are taught to hold their breath underwater, turn onto their back, and float unassisted.  After the age of 1, children are then taught a swim-float sequence to reach the pool’s edge, where they can climb out.



You can find a trained ISR instructor in your area to teach one-on-one lessons to your child.  Not only will your child learn to save themselves when wearing a swim suit, but also fully clothed, as most accidents

happen when children are dressed.  Please note, that there is no substitute for parental supervision.  The number one way to prevent a child from drowning is to never leave them unattended near a pool, or body of water, and never take your eyes off of them.


Happy Swimming!