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Pool Water Evaporation

For pool owners in California the current drought and its effect on pool water evaporation is a big issue. It is no secret that the state of California is in desperate need of rain.  Well, the rain gods have answered our prayers with the rising possibility of a generous El Niño. The LA Times reported earlier this week that El Niño is expected to bring greater than average amounts of rainfall this season, which in turn will dramatically help out the state’s water supply.


The drought is not expected to be eliminated by this heavy El Niño because California was so far behind in rainfall, but we will definitely see water levels rise.  Not only is Los Angeles and San Diego expected to experience heavy rains, but central and northern California as well.  This means the mountain regions that feed California’s main reservoirs, Shasta Lake and Lake Oroville will benefit from the heavy rainfall.
This can also mean great things for your pool and your wallet…..When it comes to swimming pool evaporation you won’t have to refill your pool quite as often, if at all!  The water that naturally evaporates from your pool will be replenished by the rainwater.


To learn more on how you can drought proof your pool check out our suggestions on swimming pool water conservation.


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