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Saltwater Pool Facts

If you are in the process of buying a home with a saltwater pool or thinking about building a new saltwater pool you might have some questions about the differences between chlorine and saltwater.  We’ve compiled a few facts to help explain the differences!

  • The main difference between a standard chlorine pool and a saltwater pool is one piece of pool equipment called a salt chlorine generator or sometimes called an electronic chlorine generator.
  • This piece of equipment produces it’s own pool chlorine from a small amount of pool salt.
  • Saltwater pools have still have chlorine!
  • This chlorine is less harsh on the skin and eyes and has no chlorine odor.
  • A saltwater pool has 1/10th the level of salt in the ocean.
  • You still have to balance the water in saltwater pools.  The proper pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and stabilizer levels must be properly maintained.
  • The initial cost of a saltwater pool is higher due to the salt chlorine generator, pool salt purchases and replacement of the salt cell (every 5 years,) but maintenance is much easier, the water is softer and doesn’t irritate the eyes and skin.
  • If desired, any pool can be switched from chlorinated to saltwater by installing 2 components: 1-salt cell 2-control unit.

It is important to remember that despite the type of pool you have, proper safety products such as a safety pool cover are the most important part of any pool.