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Los Angeles Pools – How Many Pools Are There?

If you’ve ever flown into LAX you may have noticed the bright blue pools that seem to be in everyone’s backyard.  Intrigued by the vast number of pools they saw from the sky, a UCLA graduate and a German graphic designer set out to discover the exact number of sparkling pools that LA has.  They decided to count the number of pools in Los Angeles and publish their results in “The Big Atlas of LA Pools.”

The duo studied aerial photos of the Los Angeles basin and meticulously counted all of the backyard pools.  Their final count was 43,231 pools.  Not only does their report detail the number of pools, but it is also broken down by city, with Long Beach at the top of the list with 2,859 pools!  Beverly Hills came in third with 2,481 and Watts at the bottom with 0 pools.  It’s pretty neat to see the exact number of pools in each city!

With so many pools in LA, we sure seem to have our work cut out for us!  It’s our mission to help protect as many of these pools as possible with the proper pool safety products.  If you know someone who is in need of a pool safety products please send them our way!