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Pet Water Safety

Many people don’t worry about their four-legged friend around the pool, but they definitely should.  Pet water safety is an essential consideration.  There are no clear statistics on pet drownings, but it is well believed that it far exceeds the 4,000 child drownings per year.  At Summerfield Pool Safety we are determined to help you protect your pets from this tragedy.  Here are a few ways to prevent pet drownings and promote water safety:

  1. Don’t assume your dog can swim or even is water safe!  Many dogs are not swimming breeds, and even those who are, can tire quickly and have trouble finding their way out of the pool.
  2. Watch your dog closely in and around the pool.  Make sure if they are swimming you are watching for any signs of distress.  You can also train them to find their way to the pool steps.  Just remember that in the dark, they may not be able to find their way out!
  3. Put up a pool safety fence!  This is the easiest way to protect your pets and your family.  If you don’t have children at your home, you can have a 2-foot fence installed just for your pets!  If your dog can jump we would recommend a 4 or 5-foot fence!