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Product Introduction – Pool Fence

Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed Safety Covers and Pool Nets, and today we’ll introduce our most popular pool safety product, the Pool Fence.



The number one benefit of the pool fence is it’s convenience!  That is why it’s the top choice for pool owners.  You don’t have to remember to take it on and off, or fuss with anything if you need to run inside.  The pool is secured from the rest of your yard and the kids are secured from the pool.  Complete peace of mind and convenience all wrapped up in one product!

Now let’s talk materials:

Our standard pool fencing is made from a tightly woven mesh that comes in 2 colors, black and sand.  Our upgraded premium mesh is even more see-thru and comes in black, bronze, beige, white, blue and green!  This is a great way to preserve your pool view, because the mesh is nearly see-thru.

pool-fence-39A pole is placed in the ground every 36 inches to secure the fencing in place.  The poles can be placed into any surface, including concrete and decking.  One of coolest features is that the poles and fencing are removable.  You can take the poles out of the ground and cap the holes.  And when you need to put the fence back up, it’s easy and quick.

Fencing’s ease and convenience and budget friendly price make it a great choice for families with young children.  The fence is always up and the you don’t have to take anything off to use the pool, or put anything back on when you’re done swimming.  Just close and latch the gate and the pool is secured.

For more info on our Pool Fencing visit our website www.lapoolguard.com

Happy Swimming!