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Product Introduction – Safety Nets


Last week we took a look at Pool Safety Covers, and up this week is the Pool Net.

You just bought a new house with a fabulous pool, or spent months having a beautiful new pool constructed in your backyard, and now you have to put up a fence and block the view? No thanks!  This is where the pool net soars beyond the fence, aesthetics.  A pool net offers safety and security while preserving beauty.  And, unlike a safety cover, the net allows you to still see water.  You get unobstructed views of the pool.

This is by far the biggest upside to a net.  But another plus is cost.  Compared to a safety cover, a net is much more economical.  Something to consider though is that you don’t get any of the maintenance or environmental benefits that a cover provides.  But it’s pretty and safe!

The net uses a ratchet and pulley system to ensure a tight fit covering the pool.  It is made of thick polyethylene and is strong enough to hold up to 500lbs.  Check out the photo above!pool-net-01

So who is a net best for?

Nets are perfect for small pools or spas, in households with no kids, or older kids. For example, Grandma and Grandpa watch their grandkids once a week, and they have a small pool in their backyard. They enjoy their pool view daily and don’t want to put up a fence. A net is the perfect option for them. It will provide peace of mind when their grandkids are over and still allow them to enjoy that gorgeous pool view.

Who wouldn’t do so well with a net?

Well, just like a cover, think about a family with small children.  Mom is swimming with the kids when she needs to run inside and grab the phone, or change a diaper. She can’t quickly put the net back on the pool to run inside.  So maybe a net isn’t the best for families with small children.

Overall, a pool net preserves the view and provides safety.  Not the most convenient safety product, but it is more cost effective than a cover and less obtrusive than a fence.

Any product you choose is a step in the right direction, a step towards water safety.

You can find more information on Pool Nets on our website, along with all of our safety products.

Happy swimming!