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Summertime Safety Tips

Hard to believe that SUMMER is almost upon us! The kids will soon be out of school and spending a lot more time in the swimming pool. Here are some quick and easy tips to keep them safe and ensure a fun-filled summer around the pool:

1 – Get a pool fence / safety cover / net
This may not seem quick and easy but I promise, it is. Our team here at Summerfield Pool Safety is fast, efficient, and excels in customer service. We will come to you, go over your pool safety options, and help you choose a safety product that best fits your family’s needs. This the by far the number one choice for pool safety, and a decision you will never regret.


2 – Swim Lessons
Even if your kids are great swimmers, sign them up for a refresher course. This is a great way to assess their swimming skills each summer and help them progress in the pool. Check out your local YMCA, High School, and even your City’s website to find affordable swim lessons for every skill level.

3 – Don’t forget the sunscreen!
No one wants to burn, especially your kids, it’s miserable for them and you too! We often forget to apply sunscreen regularly, so set an alarm on your phone to remind you. This will alert you to get those kids lathered up. Follow the instructions on your sunscreen to make sure you are reapplying at the appropriate times.

We hope these quick tips help you out this summer. If you are interested in a FREE ESTIMATE for a pool safety product please fill out the form on our website.

Happy Summer!