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Product Introduction – Safety Covers

pool-cover-19The world of pool safety options can be a bit overwhelming at times.  There are several safety choices on the market and it’s hard to know which one best fits your family’s needs. Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a closer look at each pool safety product, to help you better understand the products we sell.

Up first, is the Pool Safety Cover.

So, what is a safety cover?  It’s a durable mesh material, capable of holding up to 500lbs, that completely covers your pool.  The mesh is tightly woven and acts as a strainer of sorts, to prevent leaves and debris from entering the pool, while allowing rainwater to seep through.  Because of this, Safety Covers offer some crazy awesome benefits:





Pool safety covers are cool, because in the end they SAVE YOU MONEY!!!  You can cut back on cleaning and maintenance and they help prevent algae growth.  And if that isn’t benefit enough, you also cut back on chemical use.  We all want less chemicals in our lives, especially for our kids, right!


Less chemicals, less cleaning, less money, are all great, but one of the biggest pluses is it’s environmental impact.  Because covers allow mother nature to fill the pool with rainwater, you don’t have to refill your pool as often. AWESOME!  It also helps prevent water evaporation.  This is HUGE for us drought stricken Californians!

Aside from these fabulous benefits, obviously, the NUMBER ONE benefit of a safety cover is SAFETY!

So, if safety covers are SO awesome, why doesn’t everyone choose this safety product?  Well, plain and simple, they are not as convenient as a pool fence.  You have to take the cover off to use the pool, and put it back on when your done.  For some people this isn’t a big deal, but for others it’s a deal breaker.

Some family’s are getting smart, and using both a cover and a fence. They are not only getting double safety coverage, but they are taking advantage of the ease of the fence and the reaping the benefits of the cover.

You can find a lot more info on safety covers on our main website under the SAFETY COVERS tab.  And, of course, feel free to ask a question or leave a comment below.  We are happy to help you navigate the world of pool safety!

Happy swimming!