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The 3 Common Causes of Drowning

With over 3,500 drownings a year in the United States, which equates to approximately 10 per day, it is important that we understand the most common causes of drowning.

  1. They don’t know how to swim.  Even if you and your child do not spend time around water it is still important for them to learn how to swim.  Formal swimming lessons will teach them lifesaving skills, like the ability to keep their head above water and swim to the exit.
  2. No Pool Fencing.  This is one of the easiest ways to help reduce the risk of drowning.  A proper 4-sided pool fence creates a barrier between the children and the pool.  This drastically reduces the risk of drowning.
  3. 3-Lack of Supervision. No child should ever be left unattended in or near a pool.  We recommend the 10/20 rule- scan the pool every 10 seconds and reach the pool within 20 seconds.

Being aware of these 3 most common causes of drowning can help prevent a drowning accident.  Drowning is 100% preventable.  To learn more about our pool safety products visit our website www.lapoolguard.com.